Ayurveda: oldest yet latest 

It’s hard to believe that the oldest medical system in the world continues to attract millions of people from all over the world even today, but it’s true. That’s the power of Ayurveda, the age-old treatment method with its roots in India. Ayurveda in English simply means “Knowledge of Life” and the practices and medicines used in Ayurveda are reflective of this ideology.  Dr. Anzi Mohammed, MD & Chief Physician at Anzi’s Ayurvedic Healthcare Center, the best Ayurveda hospital in Wayanad, says the demand for Ayurveda treatment is on the rise consistently post the pandemic. “Ayurveda is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after medicinal systems even in the modern times primarily because it has been constantly evolving with the ever changing times,” adding, “The modern lifestyle results in a lot of diseases and Ayurveda has come up with up-to-date treatment methods and medicines to cure these diseases permanently while other medicinal systems often offer only temporary solutions.” Ayurveda achieves such permanent solutions by effectively combining modern life with age old herbal medicines. “Ayurveda basically provides a happy and healthy life. That’s predominantly why people from all across the globe flock to Ayurvedic destinations like Wayanad in Kerala for various treatment and relaxation methods. Wayanad is an ideal location for Ayurveda hospitals such as Anzi’s Ayurvedic Healthcare Center, the best Ayurveda hospital in Kerala, because of the availability of a wide variety of herbs used in Ayurveda. At Anzi’s Ayurvedic Healthcare Center, experienced physicians provide high quality and trusted Ayurvedic solutions to patients from all over the world, making it a go-to destination for people seeking Ayurvedic treatment. “Unlike allopathy, Ayurveda delves deep into curing the root cause of the disease of an individual and that’s where Ayurveda makes a huge difference by bringing in a permanent solution for the disease,” says Dr. Anzi, adding that Ayurveda’s primary focus is on three doshas called Vaata, Pitta and Kapha. Based in Wayanad, the hub of Ayurveda in India, Anzi’s Ayurvedic Healthcare Center makes effective use of the herbs and spices available in abundance in the locality, one of the reasons why people from all over the world flock to this highly professional Ayurveda hospital. 

Benefits galore

Ayurveda is such a medicinal system that give predominant consideration to body and mind simultaneously. Dr. Anzi highlights some of the benefits of using Ayurvedic treatment methods and medicines. “The world is going through major transformation in every sphere so rapidly that human beings are finding it hard to catch up with these changes, resulting rising stress levels that affect one’s health adversely. Modern lifestyle comes with its own pros and cons. One of the major setbacks in such a lifestyle is stress,” he says. Ayurveda offers excellent treatment methods and medicines to keep stress levels under control. “Some well-known herbs that are extremely effective for reducing stress and are widely used in Ayurveda are Ashwagandha, Bahrami, and Bhringraj,” adds Dr. Anzi. These herbs help individuals relax and calm down by supplying oxygen to one’s brain continuously and they also help detoxify an individual’s body. While handling stress is very important for leading a healthy life, boosting immunity is also significant especially during the current situation in the world. Ayurveda offers a wide variety of herbal medicines that boost one’s immunity to keep diseases at bay. “Some of the commonly used herbs for boosting immunity are Ashwagandha, Amla and Shatavari, while Giloy tops the list of immunity boosting herbs,” says Dr. Anzi. Ayurveda also helps you take care of your skin and hair with the help of certain herbs such as Amla, Turmeric, Shikhakai, Aritha, Aloe Vera, Triphala, Bahram, neem, tulsi and Multani mitti, while Neem and triphala are used to detoxify one’s body. One of the most common issues addressed by Ayurveda obesity.  “Ayurveda offers exemplary solutions for weight loss. We have quite a number of individuals coming in for obesity treatment. Some of the herbs used for weight loss in Ayurveda are Ajwain, Aloe Vera, pepper, guggul, and cumin seeds,” says Dr. Anzi, adding Ayurveda also helps manage inflammation with the help of turmeric which is a highly effective anti-inflammation herb. In short, Ayurveda provides permanent solutions to just about every health issue that a human being may face and that’s the reason why its popularity is scaling new heights every day. 

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